Impossible? This is our
daily work. Pepa Group is where
experience meets passion.

We’re specialized in exceptional transports, lifting with specific equipment, handling of railway vehicles and outsourcing warehouse managements, in Italy and Europe. Every order has different phases which include listening to our clients, organization and realization. We develop projects for maximum results in minimum time with a suitable price.

Problem Solving:
competences, vehicles and solutions

Our vehicles are innovative and suitable for any solution. We can handle extreme situations even in limited spaces, with competence, flexibility and punctuality.
Thanks to our expertise we give simple solutions to complicated problems.

Technology: Energy and Innovation

Innovare continuamente, adottare le tecnologie più moderne e anticipare il trend. Pepa group is the dynamic evolution of formation and human resources along with new logistic structures, technologies and transports.
We work with maximum security thanks to our personalized GPS system tracking all our vehicles.